Izella Lui EA, CTC, CAA, NTPI Fellow

Izella Lui EA, CTC, NTPI Fellow

Izella Tax Relief puts our experienced and Expert team of attorneys and EAs to work to solve your tax problems quickly and affordably. The IRS and state are the most brutal collection agencies on the planet. Would you go to court without a lawyer? That's what it's like dealing with the IRS and state without expert representation.

Our clients generally NEVER meet or speak with the IRS and state! Representing taxpayers in all 50 states!

CALL US before the IRS or state contact you, speak directly to Izella.

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7 Secrets the IRS Doesn't Want You to Know

7 Secrets the IRS Doesn't Want You to Know

Get Help for Your IRS Tax Problems

If you’re suffering from tax problems with the IRS and owe back taxes, penalties, and interest, contact Izella Tax Relief, Inc now. We have the skills and experience to end wage garnishment, release tax liens, and find solutions for all kinds of IRS tax problems. We’ll make sure you understand your rights and explore all the tax relief options available to identify the best course of action for your needs and circumstances.

Izella Tax Relief, Inc is a reputable tax resolution firm that helps people just like you break free from tax problems. When taxpayers try to deal with the IRS on their own, the results are usually stress and frustration. But, if you enlist our help, you'll avoid unnecessary anxiety. We'll negotiate directly with the IRS on your behalf to set up an affordable payment plan or take advantage of a suitable tax relief program.

Our Easy 3-Step Process for Tax Resolution - Worry Less, Live More

Step 1 - Call us today for immediate support or set up a consultation that meets your schedule.

Step 2 - We’ll sit down with you to determine where you’re at financially, what the IRS claims they need from you, and what we can do to help!

Step 3 - We’ll get to work solving your tax problems with minimal input or effort on your end! Regular updates and direction will be provided to help you further along your path.

Focus on What Matters Most to You

We strongly encourage you to consider this company for your tax relief solutions. Izella was compassionate, understanding, and professional. I had previously been fraudulently represented by another tax relief company about 5 years ago and they could not resolve my tax problems. She finally gave me back my life to start rebuilding my credit and to live without always looking over my shoulder. I owed the IRS and FTB $376,239 and settled for just $5,900. Thank you so much for you helped me get a fresh start.

- William K. Mckinsey

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